It’s time to order donor recognition bricks for installation before tailgate season. If you have already completed a previous pledge, you may continue it and up-size your brick. That’s what Dale Ballard is doing this year. Contact  Maury Gaston at 205-902-0910 with any questions.

And now, here’s more about how the donor recognition patio came to be:

Several years ago the active brothers suggested the construction of a deck to the east of house, near the game-day tailgating area. It was a great idea and has served the same purpose that the ever-popular patio did at our previous house. Alumnus Andrew Brown of Brown Lumber and Building Supply in Harpersville provided the substantial Bill of Material at less-than-retail, and construction was led by active members Jeb Sprayberry and Wilson Shoulders. Capital campaign funds financed the project.

Soon afterwards, the capital campaign had reached a point where there was a need to recognize the donors of our current campaign and also those who contributed to the original construction of the house in the mid-1990s. There was a perimeter area between the sidewalks and the new deck that was just perfect for a donor recognition patio.

The brick-maker was located in nearby Columbus, Georgia, and they had provided bricks for many similar areas on Auburn’s campus. Campaign professionals suggested recognition levels of $1,000 for a 4 x 8; $3,000 for an 8 x 8; and $10,000 for a 12 x 12 polished black granite stone.

Alumnus Hagan Wagoner of ProgreCiv Group, a site developer, was finishing the re-surfacing of our parking lot and he moved right over to construct the curbs for the patio and lay its foundation bedding. Advisor Jim Sprayberry knew a local brick mason, and he was called to set the bricks.

A very special and fortuitous event occured as all this was being planned. Mell Hall, our fraternity home from the mid-1920s until our move to West Magnolia in 1957 was razed in less than a day. Bobby Lowder helped immediately secure approval from the university for us to have two pallets of brick from the old house. Those brick line the perimeter of our new donor recognition patio. A careful examination will show their older age. It’s a fortunate and unique connection dating back nearly a century. Active collegiate members have been overheard explaining that to their parents.

Order Your Brick Now for Installation before Tailgate Season Order Your Brick Now for Installation before Tailgate Season

The patio serves as a lasting “thank you” to those who have contributed financially to our needs. It’s really neat to see donors find their brick and show it to their family and friends. Our plan is to always accept donations for the capital needs of the fraternity and to order new bricks each year in time for their installation before the football and tailgate season begins.

To order your brick before this year’s deadline of July 29, click HERE, or contact campaign chairman Maury Gaston at 205-902-0910.